API Documentation - Authentication

Table of Contents

Getting your Authorized API Key

To get access to the Funnel listings API please contact your customer service representative. We will create a key for you on request, configured according to your needs.

Your customer service rep will discuss your intended API use to determine if you need a public or private access key. Typically public access keys are appropriate for website frontends and private access keys are required for server-to-server API integration.

API Data Display Preferences

Configuration for how data is displayed in the open listings API. Display preferences are specific to single key. In some cases, you will need more than one key to have API integrations with different display preferences.

Basic Authentication

Requests are made using the HTTP Basic Authentication protocol. The username is your key and the password is blank. See the wikipedia page for more details: HTTP Basic Auth

Example Usage

Unix Shell
curl --user <your_key>:  https://nestiolistings.com/api/v2/listings/residential/rentals/
import requests

response = requests.get('https://nestiolistings.com/api/v2/listings/residential/rentals/', auth=('<your_key>', ''))

AJAX Authentication

Certain API end-points are available to access via AJAX requests, allowing you to call the API directly from Javascript running in the user’s browser. If you’d like this featured enabled for your API key please contact support@funnelleasing.com.

Once this feature is enabled, public access is as simple as just putting the key in the querystring of the URL you’re making the request to.

    method: "GET",
    success: function(data, status, XHR) {
        // how is "phrasing" not a thing now?
    error: function(data, status, XHR){
        // something something danger zone