API Documentation - Introduction

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Terms of Use

A Brief Statement on Rate Limits

We don't enforce a specific rate limit for requests made to our API, but simply ask that you be reasonable and polite. We will not limit your usage for normal website traffic, but we ask that you do not hammer our API with rapid requests made by an automated script. If you do, we will revoke your API access. If you have a use case that requires polling the API data for changes on a regular basis, or syncing large amounts of data at one time from the API to your system we require using the Listings Sync Endpoint. We also have other technical solutions available that might better suit your needs. Please contact us and we can discuss technical solutions that are mutually satisfactory.

Powered By Funnel

If you are using the Funnel API in your website or application, we request that you include one of our approved “Powered By Funnel” logos on the page(s) where the API is used.


if you have any further questions please contact your customer service rep at Funnel or email support@funnelleasing.com